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Subject: Can We Trust the Apostle Paul?

Category: Islam Answers

This is Episode 19 of "Answering Islam," where David Wood answers the question: "Can We Trust the Apostle Paul?"

Subject: Comfort

Category: Theology

The peace and comfort He gives us is different then the peace which this world gives us. Spiritual comfort is the one that guards our hearts and minds in Jesus Christ.

Subject: What is Sanctification? | GotQuestions

Category: Theology

What is the definition of Christian sanctification? Is sanctification positional or progressive? Is sanctification a one-time event or a future event? Let's take a close look at this very important subject.

Subject: Don't Go Beyond What is Written?

Category: Theology

If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, [1Tim 6:3-4]

Subject: When and How do we Receive the Holy Spirit?

Category: Theology

Do we receive the Holy Spirit the moment we are saved, or later in the Christian life? Surprisingly, there is debate within Christendom on this subject. What does Scripture say?

Subject: How Can God Die?

Category: Islam Answers

This is Episode 18 of "Answering Islam," where David Wood answers the question: "How Can God Die?"

Subject: Is Smoking Marijuana a Sin? | WWUTT

Category: Conduct / Modesty

Drunkenness, whether by the vine or by the weed, is not of the Spirit but of the flesh. Those who habitually do it will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Subject: Jordan Peterson Destroys Islam in 15 Seconds

Category: Islam

Muhammad claimed that women are far less intelligent than men. Do intelligence tests thus prove that Muhammad's claims were false? Jordan Peterson provides insight.

Subject: A Youth Pastor's Son Loses His Cool with Ray Comfort

Category: Witnessing / Evangelizing

Ray Comfort brings us the Good Test at Huntington Beach as a Youth Pastor's son gets frustrated and combative as Ray shares the gospel with him.

Subject: What is Sexual Immorality?

Category: Conduct / Modesty

What does the Bible consider to be sexually immoral? Is being in love sexually immoral? What is fornication?

Subject: Surrounded by a Great Cloud of Witnesses?

Category: Theology

What does it mean that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses? It's often interpreted that the saints who have gone before us, the faithful who have died and are with Jesus in heaven, are looking down from above, watching us. Is that true?

Subject: Jesus is Enough (Sermon Jam) | Matt Chandler

Category: Witnessing / Evangelizing

There is freedom in total surrender. There is freedom in believing that God is enough. He is sufficient in our weakness. He is sufficient in our chaos.

Subject: Is Christianity a Religion of Peace?

Category: Islam Answers

This is Episode 17 of "Answering Islam," where David Wood answers the question: "Is Christianity a Religion of Peace?"

Subject: Hollywood Wants Your Money...and Your Mind

Category: Discernment / Deception

Imagine a group so powerful they could beam ideas directly into your head. Well, you don't have to imagine -- it's Hollywood. Ben Shapiro, Editor of the Daily Wire, explains the world's largest mass propaganda machine.

Subject: Taking Back Christmas | John MacArthur

Category: Christmas

The Christmas season routinely ramps up the skirmishes in the culture wars, as talk of “taking back” the holiday and its traditions dominate the airwaves. But is that where the focus of the Church should be at this time of the year?

Subject: What Does it Mean that God is Sovereign? | R.C. Sproul

Category: Theology

If things happen in this world outside the sovereignty of God, then that would simply mean that God is not sovereign. And if God is not sovereign, then God is not God. It's that simple.

Subject: Pro Life's Best Argument Easily Debunked?

Category: Abortion

Argument by analogy can work if the analogy can hold up to scrutiny. After the arguments, the question remains: "what is it?"

Subject: Christmas Gone Viral

Category: Christmas

Each year one-third of the entire world population observes Christmas. Two billion people celebrate that a Child was born in a manger 2,000 years ago. Few truly understand the meaning of Christmas—that Jesus was “born that man no more may die.” “Christmas Gone Viral” is a unique explanation of that wonderful truth.

Subject: The Day of the Lord | Dr. Ed Hindson

Category: Day of the Lord

This is a wonderful interview with Dr. Ed Hindson regarding the Day of the Lord. Most associate the Day of the Lord with a period of time or a special day that will occur when God’s will and purposes for His world and for mankind will be fulfilled.

Subject: Confusion at Christmas | John MacArthur

Category: Christmas

Christmas is the most widely celebrated holiday in the world, but yet it is the busiest, and often craziest, time of year...

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