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Subject: What's the Truth About the First Thanksgiving?

Category: Church History

Should Americans celebrate Thanksgiving as a day of gratitude? Or should they mourn it as a day of guilt? Michael Medved, author of The American Miracle, shares the fascinating story of the first Thanksgiving.

Subject: What is Righteousness?

Category: Theology

Why, on the basis of Christ's death, can God declare us to be righteous? What is righteousness?

Subject: Rich Higgins explains the War on "Radical" Islamic Terror

Category: Islam

Rich Higgins explains the war on Islamic terror - are we winning or losing, how narratives are framed, how the war is like the war against Communism, and at what levels of society is it being fought?

Subject: What does the Bible say about Pornography?

Category: Discernment / Deception

Is looking at pornography a sin? Why is it wrong to watch porn? If I feel trapped within a sin, what can I do about it?

Subject: Discipleship Matters | JM Boice

Category: Theology

James Montgomery Boice explains how our beliefs regarding Scripture will affect how we engage in the work of discipleship.

Subject: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

Category: Islam Answers

This is Episode 16 of "Answering Islam," where David Wood answers the question: "Is Islam a Religion of Peace?"

Subject: The Greatest Revival in Human History

Category: Theology

So the people of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them even to the least of them. [Jonah 3:5]

Subject: Is the Protestant Reformation Over?

Category: Church History

The Catholic church has not changed its position on justification. They have said that if a person believes in justification by faith alone, they are cursed to hell. If a person rejects the Pope's teaching, they're cursed. If they've not been baptized or attend a Catholic church, they're cursed.

Subject: What is Freemasonry and What do Freemasons believe?

Category: False Religions

Are Free Masons Christian, a Secret Society cult, or something else? In this video, Pastor Nelson compares what Christians believe to what Freemasons believe.

Subject: The Sovereignty of God | Todd Friel

Category: Theology

God is in control of all things, He is for you, and He uses sin sinlessly to accomplish His will. He is sovereign!

Subject: Are There Contradictions in the Quran?

Category: Islam Answers

This is Episode 15 of "Answering Islam," where David Wood answers the question: "Are There Contradictions in the Quran?" Muslims are convinced that the Qur'an is free from error, but you won't believe how easy it is to find contradictions in it!

Subject: What is the Full Armor of God?

Category: Theology

Why is it important for the Christian to put on the full armor of God before engaging in spiritual warfare?

Subject: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Category: Discernment / Deception

What does the Bible say about Halloween and the Christian? Should Christians who celebrate Halloween stop the practice? Pastor Nelson provides perspective in this video.

Subject: Papal Infallibility? (Ex Cathedra)

Category: Catholicism

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; [Romans 3:23]

Subject: Jihad Explained: Understanding the World's Deadliest Doctrine

Category: Islam

Westernized Muslims pick the verses of the Quran they find most attractive, and they use these verses to sanitize the rest of the Quran. But is this the correct way to interpret the Quran?

Subject: What day is the Sabbath, Saturday or Sunday?

Category: Theology

What day is the "Sabbath?" If it is a particular day, is it Saturday or Sunday? Do Christians have to observe the Sabbath day? Why was it given by God?

Subject: Is Islam the World's Fastest-Growing Religion?

Category: Islam Answers

This is Episode 14 of "Answering Islam," where David Wood answers the question: "Is Islam the World's Fastest-Growing Religion?"

Subject: What is a Born Again Christian | GotQuestions

Category: Salvation

When Jesus said, "you must be born again," what was He talking about? In this video, Pastor Nelson answers these questions and explains how to be born again.

Subject: College Is Not A Daycare | Everett Piper

Category: Economics / Finances / Government

** MUST WATCH ** A fascinating interview with one of America's leading academics that is definitely worth your time to view.

Subject: What happened on each of the days of Creation?

Category: Creation

What happened on each of the days of Creation? Are the days of Creation in Genesis chapter 1 to be understood literally?

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