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Subject: The Bible Printed for the First Time

Category: Bible - History Of

On August 24, 1456, one of the 180 Gutenberg Bibles was completed; among the first books ever printed! In Germany, a few years earlier, Johannes Gutenberg had simplified the process of making metal, movable type, enabling mass printing and paving the way for the age of the printed book.

Subject: A Lamp in the Dark - History of the Bible

Category: Bible - History Of

An interesting look at the history of the Bible, the influence of the Roman Catholic´╗┐ Church, and many faithful Christians who gave everything so that you could have the Word of God in your hands.

Subject: How we got the Bible - Dr. Chuck Missler

Category: Bible - History Of

An in-depth look into the History of the Bible by Dr. Chuck Missler. This video contains both parts 1 and 2.

Subject: Tares Among the Wheat - History of the Bible

Category: Bible - History Of

Submitted for your consideration while you do your own research on the History of the Bible. HarpazoTV does not state that this video (or any History video) is 100% correct. Discern!

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