Subject: You can endure Suffering (1 Peter 3) & Baptism saves you (Not!)

Category: Salvation

All Christians suffer - either you have, you are, or you will - “we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22c). Our friend up in the Pacific NorthWest, Pastor Jim Harris, provides the Christian encouraging words when it comes to suffering, but within the same teaching text (1 Peter 3), he skillfully corrects the false teaching that water Baptism brings salvation.

Subject: The Gospel

Category: Salvation

What is the Gospel? Why are we instructed to believe it? How does it lead to our salvation?

Subject: An Overpowering Grief

Category: Salvation

The story of an American Patriot and his tragic untimely death. The biggest question remains, however: "Where did Wally go?" - a question that will be asked of each one of us one day soon.

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