Subject: Plato, the Colossian Heresy, and the Rise of Amillennialism

Category: Discernment / Deception

Though the apostle Paul did not establish the church at Colosse, and may have never actually visited the city of Colosse, the epistle of Colossians is given to us in God’s word in order to warn us of various heresies and the negative effects that these false teachings have upon the Church. Within this video-teaching, we’re interested in the Colossian Heresy and how its composition and history has influenced Christian theology during the Church Age.

Subject: Psychology and the Christian

Category: Discernment / Deception

The word of man or the Word of God? Psychology or Biblical Counseling? Who has the right answers that can help you and your loved ones with today's problems? Todd Friel from Wretched Radio with Pastor Brad Bigney provide us some very useful insight into a subject that is causing division within the Body of Christ today...

Subject: #LoveWins and Many Lose in the End...

Category: Discernment / Deception

With the recent decision from SCOTUS regarding gay marriage, the battle lines have been drawn. The true Christian understands and appreciates this event for what it is - a forcing-feature to separate the sheep from the goats. Many who wear the label "Christian" are now showing their low view of Scripture, or worse, the fact that they're not Christians at all.

The World, the Flesh, the Devil

Subject: The World, the Flesh, the Devil

Category: Discernment / Deception

Catchy Christian phrase, but do you really know what each of these three components to your Christian walk are? It is fascinating as to how it is these three interconnect.

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